Are your social media campaigns sustainable?

Longevity is truly a difficult idea in such shaky economical times, but, nonetheless, we must strive for this in order to build our businesses for the long run.  Even in my personal life, I’ve come truly understand how I must make every decision with the understanding that I need it to carry me and my family safely and carefully into the future.

Your business practices and plans should strive for sustainability and not for an social media sustainabilityimmediate effect.  Social Media has played a huge role in recent years for transparency and accountability towards many brands; this concept can make or break those plans of sustainability.  But it can really solidify your plans for sustainability when your audience sees you holding true to your word and taking action immediately when you have fallen by the wayside.

I encourage you to take a moment and read over SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index for 2012.  This really covers and documents what big brands are doing in their social media campaigns to promote the concept of sustainability.  Take down notes of ideas that these brands have come up with and put them into practice for yourself.  You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel.  But polish it and personalize it and this could lead to something greater than maybe even the original creator couldn’t visualize!

Take some time each day to see if you are holding true to your original campaign and plans or if you need to fine tune it and hop back on track.

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